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Masculine Pictures of masculine men shot Zurich Switzerland, BearPhotographer.com

professional masculine pix of you


Masuline Photos, of masculine dudes in Zurich Switzerland, BearPhotographer.com



Berlin male photos - are you into male photos, masculine pictures?


then you are at the right place.


I'm a male photographer near Zurich Switzerland, in the center of Europe let's realize your very personal bear photo shooting session in a friendly and professional atmosphere, making your photo shoot easy and fun. 


If you are a bearded masculine man and want to have professional pictures of yourself, then send me your email right here. I will contact you and we set up your very personal photo shooting exploring your personal masculinity for exceptional images of you.

I'm often travelling in Europe, so I might be near your place, as Berlin, London, Paris, Madrid, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Brussels, Istanbul, Lisbon, Milano, Munich, Rom, Zurich and other good locations.
For more information please check my BearPhotograpoher.com site.


The result will be exceptional male photos expressing your personal kind of masculinity. Details about your male photo shooting here on my site. For further questions please send me your email


here some samples of my work:


big sports bear bull news & more here sexy and interesting muscle bear in Barcelona, mui guapo

big sports man in the studio


muscle bear in Barcelona

hairy guys in design bath house the coast of Corsica all nude Catalan guapo muscle bear in Barcelona

muscle men in bath house

coast of Corsica - nude

muscle bear guapo in BCN

handsome bear in Prague symbiosis of the two muscle bears muscle bears at the meet fBerliny museum in Prague

handsome bear Prague

muscle bear symbiosis 

musclebears MeetfBerliny


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From man to man     

Are you a guy who has sex with other guys?

For some time now, more men are contracting HIV and other sexually-transmitted infections while having sex with other men. Even younger guys! The risk of contracting HIV is ten times higher during sex between men than it is in sex between a man and a woman.

This brochure shows you how to play safe. No matter what the situation.



Instant gratification?

Anonymous sex and instant gratification? Sometimes thereís no need for words. So each partner has to know how to protect himself. Take responsibility for yourself.

Time and again

Having sex with guys you have known for a long time? Trust can sometimes be misplaced, and assumptions can be wrong. Even if a past HIV test turned out to be negative, that doesnít mean it is still true today. Talk to your partners about how to protect yourselves.

For ever and ever

Met the love of your life? Being in love can make talking about unpleasant stuff or safer sex a little more difficult. Get some support Ė you could go to Checkpoint.

In a long-term relationship? Happiness and security depend on the expectations you had and keeping promises you once made. Do they still hold? Talk about it. And keep talking.



You donít know your partnerís HIV status?

Safer sex is your best protection!

two things to remember

==>  Always use a condom for fucking

==>  No come in the mouth when sucking

This is true for anonymous sex, for fuck buddies or for sex with your husband-to-be.

==>  Pick a condom thatís the right size. That way, it wonít break or slip off. You can check your size on www.mysize.ch.

==>  Only use water- or silicon-based lube. Donít use oil, Vaseline etc. as these will damage the condom.

==>  If you do get sperm in your mouth then spit it right out! If possible, rinse your mouth with a strong liquor like whiskey or cognac or just plain water and spit that out, too.



Problems with condoms?

== You canít get hard or you lose your hard-on when you put on a condom?

== Your partner doesnít want to use a condom?

You arenít the only one with these problems.

Go talk about it at Checkpoint or one of the local AIDS-service organisations.




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